Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Friends - Glenda Mills

Glenda Mills

You're in for a treat today, ladies. I had the honor of meeting Glenda Mills at the Writers Advance! Boot Camp this past February. Having never met her before that point, I had no idea when she came up and hugged me just what type of friendship would form out of less than 5 minutes together. Glenda has a tremendous heart for women. Like myself, her heart is to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. I think you are going to be tremendously blessed as you read my interview with this remarkable lady. 

Welcome, Glenda!

(1) Tell us a little about your family and growing up years.

I’m from South Alabama, not far from Gulf Shores. I was the second of seven children…Five girls, two boys. I loved being part of a large family with both sets of grandparents close by and lots of cousins to spend time with. Those were the good ole days when faith, family, and country influenced the way we lived and loved. We went to church on Sunday, and enjoyed the large family gatherings afterward, where mother’s table was graced with the finest southern cooking there ever was!

(2) When did you know God was calling you to write?

I started writing poetry shortly after I surrendered my heart and life to Jesus. I often awoke in the middle of the night with words flowing through my mind—and I just had to get out of bed and write them down! Later I wrote devotional thoughts and greeting cards and shared with friends, family, and women’s ministry.

So, how do I know God called me to write?

I think it’s the release of Joy that comes when words flow onto paper, and the desire for God to use those words to build up and encourage the body of Christ—and hopefully win some person who is seeking to know God.  

(3) Who is a person that is making and has made a strong impact on your life,  
      And why?

That is such a hard question to answer! There have been so many who have impacted my life down through the years!

When I think of the context of writing, I would have to say Vonda Skelton has had... and continues to have a huge impact on my life, both personally and as a writer/speaker/teacher. Through Vonda, I have been encouraged, challenged, and motivated to sharpen and develop my writing skills and to do it with excellence.

 (4) What is your life verse?

My Grace is sufficient. My strength is made perfect through your weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

(5) Other than Jesus, what Bible hero would you like to talk to?

I would have to say Naomi. I love Naomi’s honest heart in the midst of devastating losses and her joy rediscovered through her kinsman redeemer. I would love to hear her story first hand.

(6) What in depth Bible study would you recommend to my readers?

It’s hard to narrow down just one Bible Study! There are so many!
Maybe I could name three studies by three of my favorite writer/teachers?

 “Lord, I want to Know You” by Kay Arthur.
“Breaking Free” by Beth Moore.
“Just Give me Jesus” by Anne Graham Lotz.

(7) Tell us of how you came to a saving relationship with Christ?

For years I was religious, but lost. I knew about God, but I did not know him. I knew Jesus was God’s Son, who died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins, but I had no assurance he had prepared a place in heaven for me. Going to church, shaking the preacher’s hand, and being baptized, was not the answer to the void in my heart.

Praise God, Jesus found my husband and me at the same time! After we were told the heart breaking news we would never be able to have children, my husband and I prayed together for the first time. It was awkward. We didn’t know how to pray, yet we believed God heard our prayers. An amazing peace came to our hearts, and within six weeks God gave us a baby girl through adoption.

A year later, at a little country church in Georgia, Dave and I both knelt and received Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. During that time, God impressed upon my husband’s heart that we would have a son. Almost two years later, the promise was fulfilled and we were blessed with our miracle.

God not only gave us our hearts desire with two wonderful children—He also gave us a desire to love and follow him all the days of our lives. It has been an amazing journey walking with our amazing God.

(8) Please give a word of encouragement and hope to my readers who may be struggling today.

Words from an old hymn come to mind:

“Trust and obey, for there’s other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

It’s almost impossible to obey the Lord if you do not trust him in this season of your life. You may not understand your trial, but the Lord wants you to trust his character. He is trustworthy. If you trusted him for eternal life, then you can trust him to bring you through this time of trial. 

Glenda lives in WV with her husband and blogs at 


  1. It's nice learning about you, Glenda -- and I couldn't agree more about Vonda. She is one special woman who has touched many lives, including mine.

    Thanks for sharing Glenda with us today, Jamie!

    1. Cathy,
      Thanks so much from Jamie and I for stopping by. I love the connections our Father gives to us through blogging. Looking forward to meeting you some day!

    2. Cathy, just checked out your blogsite. I LOVE Peanut butter toast. Been a staple in my life for years! Look forward to learning more about you!

  2. Wow, what a surprise! Thank you for the kind words, Glenda and Cathy. And thank you, Jamie, for having Glenda on your blog. I know the two of you have grown to be special friends, and I'm thrilled to see how God has blessed both of you through it!

    It's an honor to encourage writers to use their God-given gifts for His glory, just as others have encouraged me!

    1. Vonda,
      Jamie and I are friends because the Lord used you in both our lives. Thanks so much for continuing to encourage writers to use His gifts for His Glory.
      So grateful to call you friend and sister!

  3. YAY -- so glad to see Glenda here today! What a special lady.

    1. Susan,
      It's been great connecting with you through our blogs. Looking forward to meeting YOU....special lady!

  4. Great Bible studies. And I love that hymn--Trust and Obey. Great to meet you, Glenda.

    1. Hi Pat, great to meet YOU here. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Got a blogsite I can connect to? Blessings to you.

    2. Pat, I just connected to your beautiful blogsite...looking forward to learning more about you.

  5. Jamie, So grateful for that first hug at Bootcamp last year and for the special friendship God has given us. Thank you for the joy and privilege of sharing God's story in my life here on your blogsite. Looking forward to more hugs and fellowship in the days to come. Love you!

  6. Glenda, I had goosebumps as I read your testimony about having children. That was beautiful. I'm so thankful I'm getting to know you better. Sweet blessings to you!