Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Secure Place - By Glenda Mills
“If you want to know God, you must be willing to have your heart broken as His was.” That would be me I thought. My heart was already broken. The challenges our family faced during a turbulent, stormy season threatened to tear us apart. I needed to hear those challenging words from the minister and I left the chapel that day with a desperate heart cry...“Lord I want to know You”.

A couple of days later, I stood in a bookstore staring at a book. The beautiful floral cover caught my attention—the title captured my heart. There it was…. The very prayer I had prayed;

 “Lord I Want to Know You”–Kay Arthur. 

Hope soared as I opened the pages to the *book and ministry that literally changed my life and the life of my family. Within its pages I found the place to run for comfort, hope, and encouragement. I also found a Secret and Sheltered Place…a Place of Security and Peace…and a Place of Protection and Promise. Finally I found a Shield of Truth that continues to guard my heart and protect my mind.

To God be the Glory! I am so grateful for the things He has done in my life and the life of those who call on His name.


What a joy to continue our study of Psalm 91 with my dear friend Jamie Britt. Last week, Jamie blessed our hearts as she shared about “A Sheltered Place”…under the shadow of God’s Wings (See last week’s post).

This week we dig a little deeper into this classic psalm written down that we may learn to know God in a deeper way.
Moses the man of God, and David the man after God’s own heart, called out to God in the deserts of their days—when they needed protection from predators, pandemic diseases and plagues. They knew His promises and they revealed His character as they spoke and wrote about His name.   

Reading from Psalm 91: 3-4 (New Life Version).

A. It is He Who:
            1. takes you away from the trap,
            2. and from the killing sickness.
            3. He will cover you with His wings,
            4. and under His wings you will be safe.

B. He is faithful like:
            1. a safe covering
            2. and a strong wall

These verses record just a few of the promises and attributes of God.  There are more to come, but today let’s focus on the Hebrew names of God in this chapter.

Who is the He who promises all the benefits above? This psalm speaks of just four of the Hebrew names of God.

1. GodEl-ohim, Creator  
   In the beginning God created the heavens and earth
  (Genesis 1:1).

2. God Most HighEl-Elyon, Sovereign Ruler of the Universe
   The LORD has established His throne in heaven, and His  
   kingdom rules over all (Psalm 103:19).

3. Almighty GodEl-Shaddai, Powerful Breasted One
    I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as El-Shaddai—'God Almighty' (Exodus 6:3a).

4. LORDYHWH-Jehovah, Self- Existing One
    Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid:  
    for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; He 
    also is become my salvation (Isaiah 12:2).

Where do you run when the stormy seasons of life threaten you and the ones you love? Have you found that place of security and rest under the shadow of El-Shaddai-s wings?

Jamie and I would love you to leave your comment below. 

If you have yet to experience the overshadowing love of God, I encourage you to call out His Name. To learn more about how God manifested His love towards all who call on Him, click here How To Have Peace With God .

Jamie, that’s all I have to share today. Do you have any thoughts or a prayer you’d like to leave with us today?

Jamie writes:
Glenda, All I can say about this post is wow! I needed this today myself!

Jamie’s prayer: Father, thank You for giving us that sheltered secure place to run to during times of distress and trouble. When the storms of life come so suddenly, we feel as though we're sinking. Thank You for showing us that if David…. who was a man after Your own heart could run and seek refuge from you Lord, so can we. Thank You for giving us that access to not only come to you… but to come boldly. Help us run to…and not away from You in our time of need. In Jesus Name, Amen.

*To learn more about the book “Lord, I want to know You”, and the ministry behind the book, contact

Glenda Mills was deeply involved for many years in women’s ministry; teaching, training, mentoring, and encouraging women to find their identity and purpose through an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. She loves to encourage others to seek truth for themselves as they learn to study the Bible inductively. Mother of two, and grandmother of six, Glenda enjoys life in her autumn years, with her husband Dave, on top of a mountain in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. 

Glenda was recently published with>You are invited to view her devotional at: and to visit her blogsite at:


  1. Hi girls! Such good stuff in here, especially about the names of God. I've found such peace and power in praying those back to Him each morning.
    And Kay's "Lord, I Want To Know You" is a favorite.

    Hugs to you two today. Keep up the great work!
    Love, Susan

  2. I read Kay Arthur's book, "Lord I Want to Know You", many years ago. I is a life-changer. My eyes were opened up to the greatness of God in ways that are difficult to describe. I look back now and realize that "Lord I Want to Know You" was a foundational stone in my walk with the Lord now.

    Glenda and Jamie, y'all are doing such a good work here. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us.

  3. Susan, Thank you for stopping by today!
    Nan, you, my precious friend are one of the reasons I've grown so much over the last 2 years. You've opened my eyes to so many things that I didn't have a clue about...and I've been reading the Bible all my life! Thank you for stopping by! Love you both so much!

  4. Another beautiful post and study, girls. Thank you for your hard work to make this happen for us!

    Just today I found myself singing praise songs in my mind while something uncomfortable was going on. I love what He does in us when we focus on Him!

  5. Beautiful post, Glenda and Jamie. I studied "Lord, I Want To Know You" as a relatively new believer and those truths have encouraged me throughout the years. After reading your post, I may just have to pull it off my shelf and go through it again. Thank you for these live-giving words!

  6. Dear Susan, Nan, Vonda, Kathy, and Jamie,
    So grateful for your encouraging words...Hearing from so many who did "Lord I want to Know You years ago...looks like the Lord is recyclying our faith in the names of God...God bless you all!