Thursday, November 29, 2012

Encouragement Well

Hebrews 9

Proverbs 3:4-6

We serve an awesome God who loves us so much that when we stray from His will He lovingly chastises us to bring us back into His arms.

As I reached the time of my college graduation, I had to do three internships. I had chosen the second one in a nursing home. I had chosen to obtain my degree in Recreation so that I could work with special needs children; knowing that this was what God wanted of my life.

As I walked down the hall to report to the Activities Director to begin my internship, I heard God say to me, "this is a ministry and this is where I want you." While there working out my internship, the Activities Director resigned and I was asked if I would like to have the job. Immediately, I said yes knowing I was in the field God wanted me to be. The Administrator said she would work with me so I could graduate and obtain my degree! God was at work! This was confirmation that God had me where He wanted me to be.

But after twenty five years of being Activities Director, I was ready to get out of the career. An employee at work was causing me trouble, which she did with everyone. However, I saw this as an easy excuse to get out of this career. I applied for an office job which I immediately obtained.
On the first day it just did not feel right to be in this position. People were unfriendly and unkind. The only friend I had was a squirrel who came up to the window and I would open the window and feed him peanuts. When the supervisor would come through the office, I would become physically ill. That was another sign that this was totally wrong. I was not where God wanted me. I had never become ill like this on a job over a supervisor. I had always obtained good relationships with past supervisors. Later I noticed someone had been in my computer and documenting wrong documentation as if I had keyed it in the computer.

After six months of this, I began looking for another office position. It was Christmas and I wanted to fine one desperately. Well I sure found one in my doctor's office working at the front desk for his partner. From the first day, I was thrown to the wolves. I cried and prayed for God to help me to know where He wanted me to be. No orientation or assistance at all. Heaven forbid if I asked the ladies in the office for assistance! They became rude and isolated me.

After two weeks of this torture I was fired. I was told I was not fast enough but I was good with people. My computer skills were good also. So the search began once again. I darkened the door of two temp agencies and even went through testing. However, nothing was available.

A friend told me about a position available in activities in a local nursing home. So I went straight to the home and put in my application. After three weeks of searching and finding nothing, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. "Why Lord? Why will You not allow me to find a job? I am single and must find a job." Then I heard Him say to me so clearly,"You were where I wanted you to be, yet you decide on your own that you wanted to leave the career I had chosen for you.. Well you did and now you see what has happened. You are not in My will." I prayed right then that God would bring me back into His will.

After about seven weeks my doctor called me personally and asked me if I would come to work for him in his office. The staff on his side liked me and wanted him to ask me to come to work with them! I thanked him and politely turned him down knowing I had to get back in the will of God. I was so miserable and at the end of my rope.

The next day I received a phone call asking me if I would be interested in a position in the activities department!! Of course I said yes and felt this was the first step of getting back in God's will. This could only be God's hand to get me back to Him and to continue what He had for me to do!

In December I have worked for 10 years at the nursing home. It was a very difficult time in my life, but He brought me back to His will. When we are God's child and we get out of His will, He lovingly chastises us to bring us back. I am glad God loved me so much that He brought me back to Him, No matter how hard it was for me. God is a loving God and will never let us wander to far from Him

He always brings us back.

Debbie Holman enjoys reading, contemporary Christian music, and Beth Moore Bible studies. She is Activities Director at a nursing home in North Carolina.  Her blog The Encouragement Well can be read at