Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thank You Lord

Today, I want to share something with you that's really ministered to me over the last few weeks.

Just a few weeks ago, I checked my email like every other day. I received a pleasant suprise when a lady that I haven't corresponded with in a year emailed me out of the blue.Through our emails, we shared with one another some of our struggles over this last year. She sent me this poem that she'd written over 20 years ago when she was going through a storm. That lady was Ellen Andersen. Ellen's words touched my heart that day. I can assure you that she will bless you as well. Ladies, if you're going through a storm today, let me encourage you, take Ellen's words to heart.

I think we all go through tough times; I know I do, and it can make me ask God what's going on, especially when the Bible tells us to be thankful to Him in all things. It doesn't say to be thankful for all things though. Perhaps this is a way to handle the dichotomy.

"Thank You Lord"
                   It is hard to thank you O Lord for my trial
But I thank you for being here all the while.
It hasn't been easy--You're here just the same
I know that with You I'll survive ‘mid the flame.

As the waves roll in and wash over me
It feels like I'm being pulled out to the sea
But, just like Peter so long long ago
My feet remain steady, my eyes fixed on You.

Thank you O Lord for good family and friends
For people who care, and pray, and attend
To my needs and my tears when the latter do fall.
I thank you that they have been there one and all.

Thank you as well for the lessons I'm learning,
As I go through this struggle and find my world turning
Sometimes in a whirlwind, sometimes upside down
                   But You hold me fast with my feet on the ground.

You are the soil and in You I'm planted
And I thank You for all the gifts that You've granted.
You've given me so much to be thankful for.
Please Lord, forgive me when I've asked for more.

Help me to trust you and lean on your grace
Until I can see You one day face to face.
Then I will know and I will understand
How all these things fit into Your perfect plan.

                   Not one in the Bible who was well-esteemed
                   Went through their life without being redeemed
                   From trouble of some kind; each had many trials.
                   The outcome of these is what made them worthwhile.

Job lost his children, his cattle, his wealth.
Then Satan even robbed him of his health.
But Job remained faithful; and he did not sin.
All that he had he gave to You again.
Job passed the test; You had him restored.
You always have held steadfast to Your Word.

Thank you my Father that in You I trust.
Thank you for being so holy and just.
Thanks for your mercy, forgiveness, and love.
Thank you for helping me to look above.

                   Thanks for the promise that I am Your child
That in the end this life will be worthwhile.
Thanks for equipping me now and always.
Thank you that You're with me through all my days.

For more encouragement and also to meet one of the sweetest ladies, visit Ellen at her blog at:


  1. Thank You for sharing the poem by Ellen Anderson. I liked her words of how to stand firm even when we have nothing... but to trust in the Lord to hold us up. Nothing, No one, greater can help us through our days of trials or our blessings.
    Jamie, after I read this I went to your "about me" tag. Did she write about you? I know the timing of her writing this doesnt match up... but your story and hers seem to reflect each other. It is a reflection of your dependency and trust in the Lord until we get our answers "in time"
    God bless you both. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I wrote this in the mid-90s, as I anticipated a lot of changes in my life. They were GOOD changes, but scary too. God was the One who I could count on to always be with me, even when everything else was in flux.

    Jamie and I met at a writers' bootcamp a couple years ago and it was nice to meet someone new that I had things in commn with.

  3. I'm in a writing group with Ellen and had no idea she wrote poetry. I won't be letting her of the poetic hook any time soon. :) Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, Jamie!

  4. I needed this poem today. Blessings, Jamie, for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing this very heartfelt poem, Ellen. And thank you, Jamie, for sharing it...

  6. Thank you for sharing this poem Jamie. Wow! During heartache it seems the Lord teaches us a lot doesn't He?

    Love, Hester ;)

  7. Thank you Jamie and beautiful and encouraging!

  8. Jamie, I'm so glad you shared Ellen's poem. Ellen, it is simply beautiful - just like you. Thank you for using your gift to edify the Body of Christ. Bless you!

  9. I'm in Ellen's writing group too and haven't ever heard any poetry! We want to hear more Ellen! So beautiful...thanks for sharing it Jamie!

  10. What a beautiful poem! Perfect way to end this day. Thanks, Jamie and Ellen!

  11. Beautiful poem, Ellen. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jamie!

  12. Beautiful poem by your friend, Jamie. So glad you reconnected with her. And can't wait to meet you in person soon. And tell Edie and Vonda I said, "Hey!"

  13. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me to read this! It really IS beautiful.