Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Friends - Edie Melson

Edie Melson
It's my honor to welcome my dear friend, Edie Melson. Edie and I met in 2011 at the NCompass Writers retreat in SC. The thing that struck me about Edie was when I walked in the door a nervous wreck, the first thing she did was hugged me like she'd known me all of our lives. Edie's encouragement for writers is outstanding, and she's an encourager for life in general. 

Welcome, Edie!

*Tell us a little about your family and growing up years.*

I always tell people I’m creative out of self-defense. My mom is an
international artist and my dad is a classical musician and well-know
black-and-white photographer. They always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

*When did you know God was calling you to write?*

I’ve always written, but I felt God’s specific call in 1994. I’d just had
my third child and remember telling God I thought He was crazy. I couldn’t
even find a way to sleep through the night and He wanted to add something
else to my place? But I really felt like He was telling me that He’d
provide the way, if I’d be faithful and obedient. Turns out He’s true to
His word!

*Who is a person that is making and has made a strong impact on your life, 
and why?*

The person who’s had the biggest impact on my life is my husband, Kirk.
He’s shown me what unconditional love looks like in real-life application.
He’s always encouraged me to step out and follow God, no matter how crazy
it seems.

*What is your life verse?*

…Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for *such* a time as 
this? Esther 4:14

*Other than Jesus, what Bible hero would you like to talk to?*

The woman at the well. (John 4)

*What in-depth Bible study would you recommend to my readers?*

There are so many good ones out there, it’s hard to pick just one.  But if
I had to pick just one I’d Recommend *Just Give Me Jesus*, by Anne Graham

*Tell us of how you came to a saving relationship with Christ?*

When I was eleven something happened that would change my life forever. I
had told a lie about a classmate and gotten them into trouble. I felt
horribly guilty and the next day, confessed what I had done to my teacher.
She didn’t believe me. She thought I was lying to keep them out of trouble!
I was devastated. I had done this awful thing and there was no way I could
undo it. Worst of all, someone innocent was going to pay for my mistake.

That night I was spending the night with my grandparents and as I lay in
bed alone I remembered that they had always prayed to Jesus to help them
when they got into trouble. I decided I would give it a try. I cried out to
Jesus and told Him that I was worthless and if He could forgive me and use
me, He could have my life. I immediately felt an unbelievable sense of
peace and forgiveness. It felt like the best hug you could ever imagine.

*Please give a word of encouragement and hope to my readers who may 
be struggling today.*

To this day I know I can cry out to Jesus, no matter my struggle and He
will answer me.  He is with me through the good times and the bad and I no
longer fear who I am, because now I know Whose I am.

Edie lives in upstate SC with her husband, Kirk. She blogs at


  1. Jamie, it's such an honor to be on your blog today. I'm always encouraged by your wisdom. Blessings, my friend!

  2. Jamie, thanks for sharing this conversation with Edie! She is a great encourager of others. I know because I've been the recipient of it many a time.

    Have a blessed day Jamie!

  3. Edie, it's an honor to have you featured!
    Mary, I agree-Edie is a great encourager! I'm speaking from personal experience. What comes to mind is "you're a writer because edie said so." If that isn't telling what it is, I don't know what is. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  4. I really enjoyed learning more about Edie. I have been a fan of hers since a friend of mine attended 2011 CCC, and I was elated to meet her at 2012 CCC. She's so generous with her vast knowledge, and I have learned so much from her. Thanks for interviewing her, Jamie!

    1. Carol, I loved getting to know you as well! It's so cool we all know so many of the came people.

  5. Edie,
    Thank you for sharing. How life changing to know we belong to The Creator.

  6. Jamie, I'm so glad you featured Edie this month. She has impacted my life in so many ways - what an inspiration! I love getting to know her even better through this interview. Thank you for that :)

  7. Love this post, have goosebumps as I read it. I love finding out more about Edie and can so relate to the problem at school. Been there, done that. Isn't it wonderful how forgiving God is!