Monday, September 26, 2011

Rejoice Always

"Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, Rejoice!"
~ Philippians 4:4

Every circumstance that comes our way, whether good or bad, is an opportunity for the Lord to show His grace, love, and power on our behalf and for His glory. That's why in everything we can give thanks and always rejoice in the Lord.

Instead of moving into "panic mode" or that "knee-jerk reaction" when situations arise, we will find that by choosing to move into the peace and rest of the Lord we will rise above the situation and find His wisdom, strength, and hope to overcome. Instead of reacting, we respond to the Lord's calm assurance and presence.

I like the way Graham Cooke puts it:
"We can stand up in our spirits and live a life that really glorifies who God truly is. God is always delivering us from ourselves and promoting us into a place in Jesus."

Isn't it reassuring to know that God has placed us in the safest place we could possibly be in? My dear friend, Jesus is that safest place. And you are secure in His loving arms. So rejoice when the trials of life come against you and see God smiling upon you saying, "Watch my dear child; watch what I will do for you now!"

Let Jesus be big in you and everything that would overtake you won't!

by Lyvonne Snyder, Guest Blogger


  1. Thank you Lyvonne and Jamie. It all boils down to trust, doesn't it?

  2. And responding instead of reacting helps keep me out of trouble. :-)

    Thanks Lyvonne and Jamie!