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La-Tan and I met last year at the 2015 Writers Advance Bootcamp and have loved one another ever since.  La-Tan and I pray that you will be encouraged in this new year to just believe! Welcome



La-Tan Roland Murphy

 My dear friend, Paula, gave me a tiny charm years ago. One powerful word is etched on its silver facing:  BELIEVE.

 So simple.

 So powerful.

 But, let's get real:  Believing is painfully difficult at times.

 I thought maybe some of you might need to be reminded today of this one simple, powerful word:  BELIEVE.

 I do!

Perhaps, some of you are struggling to believe that your life counts. Matters. Makes any kind of difference - to anyone on the planet.

 Friend, I've "been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt" - a few times. I'm pretty sure we all have.

 "I don't know what you are holding onto today that's hindering your ability to believe with abandon. I'm guessing life has beaten you up pretty hard. Maybe the one person you put your hope and trust in failed you, betrayed you. You're left questioning:  "How could God allow such pain?"

Most of us struggle to believe God has a good plan for our lives, especially when our way is rocky. Struggle to believe we are enough. God is enough. For all of our days - enough.

 Each night, we lay our weary heads on our pillows, drifting off to sleep, believing in something. Mostly the wrong things:  Our coworkers will be on time. Our boss will pay us what we deserve, and on-time. Our car will start when the key is placed in the ignition. The the sun will rise again tomorrow, without question.

 The crazy thing is, the largest portion of our pint-sized faith is invested in something, or someone, without the least bit of hesitation:  We choose to BELIEVE:  The airline pilot (we know nothing about) is fully capable. With seat-belts firmly clamped, we snuggle-in for travel comfort with magazines in hand, tiny packages of peanuts, and juice to wash them down. BELIEVING in the capabilities of perfect stranger - the pilot - as he maneuvers the aircraft some 30-40,000 feet above the ocean, through bitter storms.

 Let's be honest:  Sometimes it's difficult to snuggle into BELIEVING in a loving, powerful, omnipotent God. But, I choose to believe. I BELIEVE he is truly enough. I choose to confess with my mouth and BELIEVE in  my heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and he will see me through every storm of life.

 I know... I'm standing on invisible tip-toes on my hand-made little "soap-box." But with good reason. You see, my heart is weary of watching the amazing people I love - living in despair and hopelessness. Because the truth is:  As we refuse to BELIEVE in the power of God's word and his sovereignty, our once confident heart breaks leaving us wide-open and vulnerable. Our belief system is gradually reshaped by opinions of others and worldly points of view. Suddenly:  Wrong seems right and right seems wrong as our belief system is broken.

 At my house, when something breaks (my computer for example), I google-search seeking answers written by the original creator.  Who better to know exactly how to mend the inner workings of my broken computer than the one who actually created it?

 When your life breaks, when my life breaks, instead of searching for answers to temporarily soothe our emptiness, let's agree to:  Simply choose to BELIEVE in the One who created us. The One who knows the number of the hairs on our heads. What if we sought for HIS original, sovereign truth - running to him for all of life's unanswerable questions?

 More than anything, this is what I want you to do today.  It's what I'm choosing to do:  Simply BELIEVE in the One who created you. Choose to believe His Holy Word holds all the answers, and all the mending-power needed for every broken experience life offers.  Choose to believe God has a marvelous plan mapped-out for a very special life - YOURS!

 My friend Paula BELIEVED these things and fought the good fight of faith while cancer ravaged her physical body. Now, she is experiencing the beauty of heaven healthy, strong, and free!

 CHOOSING to BELIEVE - regardless of our present pain, fixes our eyes on future joys.  Paula knew without a shadow of doubt her best days were ahead of her.

 No matter what you are going through, keep the faith. Greater things are yet to come. 





La-Tan Roland Murphy is a speaker, vocalist, and freelance writer with a passion for encouraging people to live life to the fullest.  As an established teacher of the word, La-Tan finds great joy in helping others discover their God given purpose.

She brings a unique style of humor to the platform, making her listeners feel as though they have known her for years.  With humility and vulnerability, La-Tan often shares her most embarrassing moments of life as a way of freeing others to be real.

 You can learn more about La-Tan by visiting : http://latanmurphy.com/

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  1. Beautiful reminder, La-Tan and Jamie. Thank you both for challenging me this morning to remember who and whose I am!