Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The God of Second Chances

Our Great God is still in the business of second chances and happy endings. He rebuilds shattered lives and restores all for His Glory.

I have experienced God pulling me through many trials in my lifetime. As a child, I lived in a dysfunctional family of divorce and alcoholism which drug me through too many types of abuses; physical, mental, neglect and sexual abuse. Shattered personal crises happened and unfortunately much of it carried on into my adulthood. Those challenges led me to interfere with God's plans and brought unnecessary suffering into my life. Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, mental challenges and low self esteem.
I refused to wait on God and walked away without obedience to Him. I had put no thought into having a real relationship with the Lord. I took life by the reigns and left the blessings He had for me far behind.

I have failed and each time, many numerous times, God prepared me for the next battle. I know what the taste of disappointment tastes like.  Yet, I have learned what second chances are over and over and over again. It meant a whole new start and a new life. A chance to make my life better and to make my life for Him matter. A second chance to make things right out of things that have gone wrong .

God turns things all around for His Glory. It did not matter how shattered, battered or torn my life had been, my Father God never once turned His back on me. He won't ever reject you. Trust in Him... that His second chance He  desires to give you is all part of His plan. He is working things out, by His divine process so that you will give praise and see the Glory in Him.

It doesn't matter what your past is, or what you are dealing with right this very moment. It doesn't matter where you are or where you have been, You can rise above it with the chance God has prepared  to give you. God will use the experiences you face to prepare you for what He wants to do in your life.

God took every excuse I had for turning away from Him and turned it into a victory, an overcoming and,to my surprise, a ministry. He turned my “been there, done that” moments around with many second chances.

When I feel alone, I need to remember that I am alone to be with God. To be able to request those, "Lord, please give me one more chance" requests. I will have to put my faith in God and realize that what matters most is my relationship with Him.

God is ready to meet you at your loneliest, at your lowest, when trials come to you, When you need another chance. He is always closer than you think and prepared with His perfect plan. God is always reaching out to people like you and me, people who need His touch again.
Will you say "yes" today to the God of second chances?

Psalm 30:2 (NIV)
Lord my God, I called to you for help,
and you healed me.

 I invite you to listen to a song that touched my heart,
 Forgive Me Lord

Mary Edwards, Guest Blogger


  1. What a wonderful message of God's grace, mercy, love and forgiveness Mary. Thank you for sharing. Thank you Jamie for having Mary on here.

    1. Thank You Marcie. Oh how absolutley wonderful those gifts from God are... grace, mercy, love and never ending supply of forgiveness. I can't help but to brag on Him and share what He can do for others. Keep praying with me Marcie. I love you girl. ---Mary

  2. Mary, I never tire of hearing your testimony. Thank you for using it for the glory of God. Bless you sweet friend.

    1. Nan, It's all His to share..all the Glory for Him. I thank God for the strength through the weaknesses. I praise God for the ability, through Him, to go face the trials...even when I had to go to Him for second ( third...fourth.... fifth... etc. ) chances. His plans are perfect BECAUSE I AM NOT ( hmmmm. I hear another blog coming. ) Hugs and much love to you Nan.