Monday, July 9, 2012

Lord, You Are My Hope and Portion

“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!" (Lamentations 3:24, New King James Version)

My hope and my portion? Really? This verse was really put to the test just 2 days before Christmas. "I have something to tell you," were the words I read on my computer screen. "You didn't get the scholarship to the conference." The pity party and self-doubting had officially begin. "Am I not good enough?" "Was my essay not what the judges were looking for?" Most of all, "what's wrong with me?"

Then, this verse came to my mind. "The Lord is my portion," says my soul, "Therefore I hope in Him!" Do I really? He starts speaking to my heart.

"Jamie, do you trust me completely?"
"Yes, Lord."
"Put your gift of writing into my hands."
"Lord I need to be there and this is the only way."
Again, the sweet voice, "Put your gift into my hands."

Well, the hope and trust paid off, as it always does. I didn't get the scholarship, but I received the funds to get me to the conference!

Not only did I receive what I needed, I received more than the cost of the conference.

Is there something today that you desire and you're tired of the waiting game? Let me encourage you, ladies, put your hope and trust in the one who knows the big picture. It will pay off, and you'll be astounded at the results!

Father, help us all to put our complete hope and trust in You. Help us trust You even when we don't necessarily get what we want. Help us be satisfied with what you know is best for us. Amen.


  1. Jamie, I love this! Yep, the way our Father blesses us . . . always more than we ask . . . keep writing!

  2. He is our daily portion indeed Jamie - Thank you for sharing your story - I just love to witness how God provides for us.

    Bless you sister,
    Hester, ;)

  3. Ohh, He is GOOD. Love you, sweet Jamie!

  4. He alone knows what we need and when we need it. Thank you for sharing this testimony, Jamie. So powerful!

  5. Great words of encouragement today, Jamie. Perfect for a blog titled Encouraging Women! :-)

    I remember when that happened. I was so excited for you!

  6. You are a great encourager Jamie! Keep up the good work.

  7. God is so good! Edie's blog caught my attention because I was raised by a blind mother so should be sensitive to making my blog easily accessible. I came over to check out your blog and wow, what an encouragement. I read a few posts. I too need to learn how to trust God to provide. I think there's a job I'd be good at but I need schooling which costs MONEY but nothing's too big for our God, is it?

  8. Verna, thanks for stopping by!
    Cathy, thank you for your words of encouragement.
    Lisa, Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you'll come back often! And no, there's nothing too big for God!
    Susan, you're always so encouraging to me. Thanks!
    Mary Jane, thank you for stopping by!
    Vonda, Thank you for your encouragement. If not for you, I don't know if I would've ever started this writing!
    Hester, your comments are always a blessing!