Monday, June 27, 2011

Practicing Gratefulness

1 Thessalonians 5:16
"...give thanks in all circumstances,..."
Does God really expect us to be thankful in all circumstances? Have you wondered why He asks us to be grateful in all things?
I believe it is because He knows that gratefulness breaks the bondage of critical spirit, ungratefulness, and fear. This verse states such simple words that if practiced will have a major impact on our lives.
Are you going through some hard situations? Is your future unknown because of job uncertainty, a sickness in the family, or financial hardship? The Lord knows our first response is usually to be discoraged, to fear, and to worry. But in His Word, He tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. When we do our eyes turn away from the hard situation and onto a Lord who we know will show us how to battle through and to overcome.

Gratefulness slaps the devil down.

Satan wants us to be bitter toward God. Our thankful spirit will bond us into God. It will foster an intimacy we have never known before the terrible situation came upon us.
Remember friends, the Lord gives us steps for victorious and abundant living! Through His instructions to be grateful, He is indeed setting us free from the ties that want to bind!
This week, let's write down the things for which we are grateful and thank Him for always being there to see us through it all!

Sandra Stanford
Titusville, FL

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  1. Great post, Jamie! "Gratefulness slaps the devil down." Love it!!