Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Difference in Plans

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. 
(Isaiah 55:8, NKJV)

The tears streamed down my face in a steady pool of frustration and pain. "Lord, why? Why again?" I had just received notification that for the second year in a row, I didn't receive a scholarship to a conference. "Was I not good enough?" Lord, what's going on? The same day that I was notified of this, I was also notified of something
else. I had received a scholarship to take a mission trip. You see, God had another plan for me for this year. Have you ever thought His plan was one thing only to discover something totally different was in the works? Ladies, let me encourage you to follow God's leading. You'll be amazed at what you find.

Father, thank You for being all-knowing...even when we may not understand. Thank You for your love for us. Help us all to trust in Your plan. We love You Lord. Amen.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Jamie. I need to hold onto that right now. Especially in the middle of uncertain times.

  2. This verse has seen me through many things. I'm thankful His thoughts and ways are so much higher than mine. He is trustworthy and sure.

    Congrats on the scholarship!

  3. God's plan is always so much better than our own. Great Post!

  4. I certainly do understand this Jamie and actually something just happened last night about this very thing.

    God bless you dear and enjoy your mission trip. ;) Love to you, Hester ;)

  5. It's comforting to know that God is at work, even when we think He's not. The mission trip sounds exciting! God will use you and lives will be changed!

  6. Oh Jamie! This is such an important lesson for all of to learn. God really is sovereign! It sounds silly to put it that way, but how often do we say these things, but not walk it out? God is teaching me to trust in His sovereignty too, and for that I am very, very thankful. Love you Jamie girl!

  7. Jamie, God's plan is always best! I get disappointed too, but before too long He does something amazing that's better than anything I could imagine! I'm excited for your mission trip and also for BRMCWC. It's going to be a great year for you!