Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Lord Is My Shepherd...or Is He?

The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1, NKJV)

This is a very familiar verse of Scripture to most people. A lot of times, it's the only one they know other than John 3:16. And for Christians, that's really sad. We quote "The Lord is my shepherd" like we're going to the store. But I have a deeper question. Is the shepherd our Lord? I know, ouch! I think I've hit a nerve. (Please don't start throwing things at me!) :) Scripture tells us that we're like sheep without a sheperd. If we want to truly surrender our lives to what God wants, He has to be our Lord. We can't just give Him lip service. Ladies, we have to mean it...and truly mean it. So let me ask once more, is the shepherd our Lord?

Father, thank You for being our shepherd. Help us all to say with confidence, "yes the shepherd is our Lord!" Amen.

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  1. A beautiful reminder this Monday morning, Jamie. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Jamie. "Oh for grace to trust Him more!"
    Love you!

  3. Jamie, I love how you twisted that verse to make us think. Thank you for the frankness in your post. You're right--it's more than lip service. It's heart service.

  4. Preach it sister! :)

    Amen, Love, Hester

  5. Sometimes as writers, we have to push a little.Thanks for the reminder Jamie!

  6. Well said, Jamie! Yes, He is Shepherd and Lord!

  7. I remember when I first truly began to follow the Lord. He took me to the 23rd Psalm and showed me the meaning of the words. Before that, they had simply been words I said by rote.

    You've reminded me of that lesson again today. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Jamie. You are right...there is a HUGE difference between Savior and Lord. When I learned that lesson, my life was changed and I was set free to worship Him. Love you!

  9. Cathy, thanks for stopping by each week and for your sweet encouragement. Love you!
    Susan, I love that hymn you referenced. Thanks for stopping by! Love You!
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    Vonda, I'm glad my post took you back to such a stirring moment in your life. Love you!
    Nan, Thank you for always encouraging me with your sweet comments. Love you my precious friend!
    Glenda, thanks for stopping by my friend! Love you!
    Hester, your comment made me smile! Love you!
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