Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks!

In this day of Thanksgiving, we think so much about the commercial things-the food, the shopping, and all that goes along with preparing for this special days. Sometimes, we get so busy that we take our minds off the greatest thing of all, Jesus. We're so busy in the hussle and bussle that we don't stop and thank the Lord for the many blessings that He's given us each and every day. The greatest of all is His Son. He died on that cross so that we can have a life full of joy. I didn't say it would always be easy, but it certainly is worth all the struggle and pain that we go through. In the comments section, I love for you to list five things that you're thankful for this Thanksgiving! For me, (1) Christian friends, (2) the ability that God has gifted me with to write for Him, (3) for my writing mentors-Nan Jones, Vonda Skelton, and Edie Melson, (4) the fact that the things I write encourage people, (5) the fact that I'm going to meet one of my dearest friends in Febuary of next year! So let's hear it, what are you thankful for? Can I pray for you?

Father, I lift up my precious readers to you. Lord in this time of preparation, help us all to keep our focus on You. Lord we love and praise You!


  1. I'm thankful for God, family, friends, pets, and sweet Jesus. Blessings, BJ Robinson

  2. 1. All the spiritual blessings I have in Christ Jesus
    2. Family & friends
    3. Good health
    4. Provisions (food and shelter)
    5. A place to serve in the Body

    Love you, Jamie - hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

  3. I'm thankful for Jamie, my husband, my kids & grandkids, my ministry and Jesus.

    Love you Jamie girl! You are a blessing.