Monday, July 25, 2011

God is Great. God is Good

by Nan Trammell Jones, Guest Blogger

"I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live."
~ Psalm 116:1,2

The pain in my shoulder was excruciating. I had fallen at work, toppling onto a concrete floor, and twisted as I tried to brace myself. "Nothing broken," Doc Miller said, "but that's a nasty sprain."

I lay squirming on the couch trying to find a comfortable position to rest my weary body. My three year old grandson was at the house. "Jamison, will you pray for Grandma's arm? I have a bad boo-boo." His stunning blue eyes met mine and, without saying a word to me, he lay that sweet little hand of his on my shoulder and prayed, "God is great. God is good. Amen." And then he toddled off to play.

Oh, that we would embrace the faith of a child, right? Pure trust. Full expectation of God's power and faithfulness. And no pride. Their little hearts seem to understand how big our God is and they accept the depth of His love and care just because He said so. No debate. No analysis. Just pure, unadulterated trust.

Sweet sisters, could we learn to trust the Lord with such simplicity? Could we learn to take Him at His Word - simply dare to believe? God, our Father, delights in revealing Himself to us, to making His power known to us.

Is there a struggle you are facing today? Are you overwhelmed with pain and sorrow? Are you wondering where your next meal is coming from? Dear friends, the Lord your God is great - He is big enough to handle all of your troubles. Nothing is too difficult for Him. And God is good - good enough to want to help you. His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting. His grace is available and sufficient for anything you are facing. You need only to believe.

After Jamison resumed his play, I noticed that the tension in my body was gone. The muscle spasms in my shoulder had relaxed and the pain began to subside. I fluffed my pillow, closed my eyes and slept like a baby.

Oh to have the faith of a child.

Father, You are so wonderful. Not only are you mighty to save and powerful to deliver, but you are tender in Your love. Thank You for that. Thank You for loving us so deeply and completely that nothing can separate us from You. We love You Lord and we give You praise.
To read more of Nan's devotions, visit her blog, Morning Glory, at Nan has a heart for Christian women who are struggling with their faith. Through difficult seasons in her life she has learned how to find God's light in the darkness and unspeakable joy when the river runs dry. She is available to speak at your ladies events. Please visit her website at for more information.


  1. Beautiful devotional as always, Nan, I so enjoy reading your devotionals. Blessings for success, Barb

  2. Barb, you are too kind. Thank you so much for your encouragement, love and prayers. I treasure our friendship. Love you, Nan

  3. You are so right God is Great God is Good and Jamison has faith in God and his power to heal. About a month ago in our Sunday night service I called on the elders of the church to pray almost instantly I felt my pain vanish. When I went back to my seat Jamison said Mommy I want to pray. I carried him to the alter and with three pasters he prayed for me. His faith should teach us all in God's eyes we are as Jamison children who just need our Fathers help. He said "Ask and ye shall receive" if that doesn't give you hope nothing will. God loves each of His children. Jamison's prayer that night has helped me with a health problem I've dealt with since I was 6 years old. God is Great and so Good! I thank him for my son Jamison who has unending faith every day!

  4. What a blessing and a celebration of His power! To have the faith of a child...

  5. Monica, He is so very precious! Last night he wanted to pray for Bella while she was having puppies. Then he told Matt that Bella would be fine because God was with her and had His angels there helping her. So sweet!! And so true!

    Vonda, I love you and your encouragement.